The History of Union Baptist Church

Union Baptist Church was organized in October 1892. the church has been served by twelve pastors, nine of whom were the late Reverends Gray, Hughes, Carr, Toliver, James, George W, Stewart, Eugene C, Watts, James H. Ellison and Alphonzo Davis.

The late Reverend George W. Stewart served the church faithfully for 42 years. there are only five active member of the church today who joined under the pastorship of the late Reverend Stewart, they are, Harriette G. Hankins, Elisabeth P. Belton, Deacon Eugene C. Perry, Deacon Thomas L. Massie, and C Joan Mason.

Also serving as Pastors were Reverend Dr. R. A. Johnson, now pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church, Cismont, Virginia and Pilgrim Baptist, Charlottsville, Virginia and Reverend Robert E. Spellman, Jr. Pastor of Community Baptist Church, Mint Spring, Virginia.

Reverend Dr. Donald Winston Johnson began his pastorship in July 1995. His inspirational service and devoted leadership has resulted in an increase in church membership. He organized the Deaconess Ministry. Also under Dr. Johnson's leadership sister Conchita Holtz preached her first sermon on Sunday January 29, 1996. On the recommendation of Pastor Johnson and the acceptance of the Board of Deacons and Church Family, Sister Holtz was the first woman minister licensed to preach the gospel by the Union Baptist Church.

Under the leadership of Evangelist Conchita Holtz, the Spiritual Lights of God began singing gospel selections for the morning service on the second Sunday of the month. She was also the pianist for the group.

December 1999 - The Mass Choir was organized with Mrs. Drenette Woodson as Director.

November 11, 2000 - The church's first Internet website was established at with Gregory Bruno as the webmaster.

December 20, 2000 - The church acquired a house and adjacent property for the sum of $55,787

On Sunday, January 28, 2001 - dedication of the house and property was held. The house is now called the Parish house and will be used for church activities only until the new addition to the church is built.

On Sunday, February 24, 2002 - On the recommendation of Pastor Johnson and the Board of Deacons and the unanimous vote of the church, Reverend August A Lupino was elected to become the first Assistant Pastor of Union Baptist Church

Other Accomplishments:

Deacon Jathon Bellamy, Chairman of the Board of Deacons was made Chairman Emeritus and Deacon Eugene C. Perry, Sunday School Superintendent was made Superintendent Emeritus. They were given special Honor on Family and Friends Day Sunday, October 14, 2001 along with special recognition to Mrs. Harriette G. Hawkins, Church Organist and Deacon Thomas L. Massie, Church Clerk for their devotion and dedication to the church.

Our plan is build a new church. With God's hellp and the support of our dedicated Pastor and Church Family, we are praying that we can reach that goal in the near future.

The church has a membership of approximately seventy and holds membership in the following organizations:

1. Berean Valley Association

2. Virginia Western District Baptist Church School Convention

3. Ministers, Deacons', Stewards', and Laymen's Union of Virginia

4. Weekday Religious Education Council

5. Church Women United of Waynesboro

6. Christian Women's Fellowship

7. Life Membership, Waynesboro Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.